Monday, May 15, 2023

Monsters are starting to really work

Yesterday evening, I continued from what I'd been building on the weekend, adding some smarts (not really smart, but not dumb either now) to the monsters and how they interact with one another. A lot of the code is still in placeholders at the moment, so there's still a good bit of work to get done in this phase, but monsters now have the ability to apply effects to one another if they want to (they probably normally will want to) and these effects are shown nicely on screen after I dove back into the rendering code to give that a little bit of an update too.

Like I said, a lot of the code is still placeholders, so it's neither balanced in any way, or truly built up from it's parts - the goblin encounter has 10 health, while the Knight encounter has 25, not a future state where an encounter will potentially be built up of multiple individuals and the final encounter stats are then built from those parts. But... you know what, that's going to be easy enough to do, even if there's a good bit of code to write to make that all work. I just figure there's no point in doing all that until I actually know what all the parts need to store, know, and how they will function with one another properly. That's what this part is for.

In this little snippet, there are some Goblin encounters on the screen, and as I move about a bit, it spawns another Knight encounter - and the two sides that hate each other get to fighting right away. Another one or two are spawned, quickly killed off by the Goblins, and finally all the Goblins return to where they started off after having dealt with those pesky Knights.

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