Friday, April 7, 2023

Item Stats, and Item Sync

I've had a rather busy week with work, so updates here have been rather slim (non-existent), but the good news is that today, the drought has broken.

First cab off the rank, I got the code written to update stats when items are equipped and un-equipped. By that, I mean it does only Attack Speed, but the faffing about wasn't with getting it to work for multiple stats, but getting it to trigger when it should. So I'll be adding in the other stats shortly, as after a good deal of curse-words in more than one language, finally stats update when an item is put on by the character, items correctly remove their stats when they are taken off - and some older code works perfectly so that when you simply replace one item with another, it looks after all that quietly.

That brings me to the second update I did this evening. I already had it in place that when an item was equipped (or had been flagged for updates by something) it would go and update that on the server end. I however today wrote the correct response code from the server to let the client know what IDs had been updated so that the game client could clear the update flag on them - and then wrote some functions back in the client to clear the flags in the items.

I'd say this is super exciting, but it's another tranche of dull updates in the code that simply need to function for the game to work. And in a funny way, having these little things come together nicely, seeing the game inch closer to functionally working as a game is very rewarding for me as a dev.


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