Thursday, February 9, 2023

Vendors, vendors vendors! (And loot, and quest rewards)

Been spending time working on vendors at the moment. It's not exciting, but having it come together with the work I've been doing around character inventories is very pleasing.

I've had to slightly modify my approach, as technically, the items for sale at a vendor don't "exist" in the game until a player purchases them, so I'll need to make an extra call to the server when that happens to create the item and give ownership to the player that purchased it. That way, even if the player doesn't go through a sync cycle, there will still be a record and the appropriate gold will have exchanged. Same will go for quest items etc.

The aim for the weekend is to get the code working for a vendor shop. Additional points if I can get "loot" working where you can pick up stuff dropped (as in encounter loot) as it is basically the same interface.

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