Floren Township
Torn Realms is set in a high fantasy world, torn asunder by a vast cataclysm of magical energy in the past, warping and twisting the world to be a vast caricature of its once greatness.

A once great empire spanning continents has been reduced to many fiefdoms, territories and even untamed wild lands. You can explore these uninterrupted (there's no loading screens!) and find many characters to interact with on your journeys.

There are many stories in the world, and your party will make up one part of a greater unfolding world.

Floren Inn
Although this is in early stages of development, the world is already starting to feel varied, interesting and slowly feeling larger and larger. Numerous tilesets are being used to build the world you'll see, and as more of the world is created, posts will be made to show what new areas exist.

Floren Town is a starting area set on the banks of a mighty river, the town makes for a small pin-prick of light and civilisation in amongst the wilds of the surrounding lands.

The town caters to basic needs of adventurers, with a blacksmith, inn, and some basic places to trade. There's also a good few folks worth talking to, whether to start to finding adventures, or to get to know the town and it's people better. There are also folks in the surroundings, like Adamus, who has set up a small camp nearby on orders from the Geological Society. 

Adamus Tent

In the meantime, just a few random places will tease what's in store when we're ready to launch. Some might end up being just what they look like, while others will hold intrigue and mystery that might only come out into the open with the help of the numerous NPCs and quests in the game.

Floren Caves

Those who have seen a few things, and are feeling more adventurous might want to head north of town to what's known as Floren Caves, though they are a combination of caves, mines and well, dangers. in olden days, the caves were further developed into a large mine, chasing valuable metal veins, often finding monstrous lodes, however in current times, while they still hold vast treasures of mineral deposits, getting to and from these safety has become rather more difficult, with an infestation of spiders, goblins and worse.

They do still however hold a few good secrets in their depths that a few townsfolk know about, and have on more than one occasion saved the town as the villagers braved their depths to seek protection from raiding parties ransacking the town. 

What's in Floren Caves?
The more you discover and explore, the more you'll find leading to new places, new adventures all leading to growing your party, discovering more storyline and slowly unravelling some of the things that have happened to the world, and other things that are being planned.

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